Stop saying “this is not who we are” challenge!

Never imagined 2021 to be great; in fact I anticipated chaos and jitter. And look where we are seven days in.

Other than United States being in shambles, UK in Lockdown, Japan declaring Covid-19 emergency, my country INDIA – well…our farmers are dying on the street, we saw a 50 year old woman getting raped and murdered by a priest, bird flu spreading with more than a dozen epicenters across the country, culling of thousands of birds and two pharma companies engaging in off-field sledging to defame each other’s Covid vaccines leaving the country doubtful over who to trust.  Amazing seven days!

Nonetheless, I’m today in a rant mood over American political theatrics like everybody else.

I’m not an American, but I’m going to comment on the current situation for a few reasons.
1) United States of America, unfortunately, impacts the rest of us and their policies over the years have left a mark on every continent, 2) America conveniently snatches the news space from everything else, which leaves me with no other option but to consume information about their internal matters, 3) there’s a limit to the amount of hypocrisy I can swallow without throwing up and 4) what’s happening in America can easily happen anywhere anytime (Yes India, I’m talking to you).

What happened yesterday in DC was terrifying, not just for USA but for every democracy on this planet. The fact that it is easy to disregard every fiber that unites a country in the name of saving the same country, to plant a false rhetoric that millions would believe because you are convincingly saying it, to gather in large numbers with flags of your country turned upside down and chant slogans that serve your misguided patriotism, to manipulate, to control, to threaten, and to simply be a terrorist to your own country has become so easy is something that should be disturbing your sleep for nights to come.

It also sounds familiar.

For years, or at least since I have been old enough to understand politicians’ language, I hear the narrative that threat is outside the walls. But that’s not true, is it? Threat is inside the wall even when the worst danger is probably miles away. I shouldn’t have to spell it out, but I guess I will. Outside threat cannot make a dent without getting ample support from inside. That’s the truth. Whether that ample support comes in the form of your carelessness, or your inner struggles or any ulterior motives. What’s inside the walls is more damaging than anything that could hit you from the top.

This should be wake up call for every democracy, every country where those in power often ignore the voices that are not aligned with their interest. It is happening in every democratic country, RIGHT NOW. It’s time we take things seriously and recognize them for what they are.

What we shouldn’t do is to brush this off as an “incident”, because it’s not.
What Americans shouldn’t say today is that thing I have been hearing repeated by every one of them since yesterday – “this is not who we are” or “this doesn’t represent our country.” Well, let me tell you. It does.


This is what United States also is. Americans, especially, need to step back from their high horse and reflect, because from where the rest of the world can see this is what America has been doing to many other countries for many years now.

Every time there’s something embarrassing, we can’t push it aside claiming that isn’t what we are.
WE ARE polarized, intolerant, delusional and yet somehow we consider ourselves morally superior. And we all somehow believe, truly believe, we are standing on a moral high ground.

“This is not who we are” isn’t it PERIOD

We all claim to be better than what our actions say about us and it now only appears like a manipulation technique that I can’t fathom is still working as an explanation. A lie that we all say to make ourselves feel good about ourselves, about our actions.

The lie “this is not what represent our country” needs to stop. Stop saying that to yourself. I’m literally throwing a challenge out there.

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